Core Practices

  1. Zazen (silent sitting meditation)
  2. Personal Study with a Zen TeacherĀ (including koan practice)
  3. Buddhist Text and Topic StudiesĀ 
  4. Embodiment Practice (Yoga, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qi Gong)
  5. Emotional Intelligence Practice (Focusing, Mindfulness, Zen Dialogue)
  6. Ethics, Vows, Liturgy
  7. Healing our Relationship with Mother Earth
  8. Direct Service Actions

At Zen Garland we study and Take the Zen Garland Vows, devote ourselves to Zen meditation, enjoy the support of residential teachers and a dedicated community of practitioners, and commit ourselves to being fully present in a spirit of service in this very moment.

The community offers daily morning and some evening Zen meditation, private instruction with a residential Zen teacher, retreats, classes and workshops. We introduce interested beginners in a gentle way and help them to ease into a regular meditation practice.

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