Grievance Procedure

Resolving an Issue

Sangha, the practicing community, has always been valued as a crucial part of spiritual practice within Buddhism, a source of wisdom as well as compassionate support for practice.

At Zen Garland we aspire to be a loving community aware of our deep connections, interdependence and co-creative potential to be a field of benefaction in the world, individually and collectively.

Our vows encourage us to honor and respect the sanctity of each other and work for good motivation and clear communications in our relationships. Differences, conflicts and misunderstandings arise: this is the nature of existence.

Our commitment is to address and seek to resolve all impediments to harmonious relationships in the Zen Garland Community.

If a member or guest practitioner has a difficulty with a Zen Garland Teacher, Priest, Staff Member or fellow practitioner, the followed steps can be taken:

First and foremost, we encourage you to speak to the person or persons involved and try to resolve the problem.

If after that effort, the problem remains unresolved, make an appointment to speak to your Zen Garland Teacher or to a Teacher of your choice in the Zen Garland Teachers Council.

If after that effort, the problem remains unresolved, make an appointment to speak with the Board of Directors’ Ombuds-person, Marion Saion Kharem at

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