The Zen Garland Order Board of Directors has established a Ukraine Relief Fund for immediate, mid and long-term help of war refugees from Ukraine resettling in Poland. Dharma River Zen priest, Rev. Anna Myosen Nacher, as our coordinator on the ground in Poland, will direct the use of funds with Board approval to coordinate efforts to bring immediate relief to refugees arriving in Kraków. The funds may also be used as well to build sustainable, long-lasting networks to help the refugee families on a long-term basis. Learn more and pledge support!

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ZEN GARLAND offers experienced teachers and a warm and welcoming community devoted to spiritual and human development focused on each practitioner’s engagement with their personal lives in the world. We welcome beginners, accomplished practitioners and Zen teachers to gather together with us in a holistic and creative approach to Zen and life that emerges from our realization: the direct experience that human nature is the very nature of all creation, a unitary multiverse of intimate interaction and interconnection.

We have Zen Garland communities located in the United States and Europe, each led by a dedicated and empowered Zen Garland teacher, who works individually with committed students on site and in distance-learning formats. Our teaching style is personal, addressing all aspects of a practitioner’s life with holistic, skill-based practices. The curriculum we offer in personal dialogues, classes, workshops, retreats and social action projects are carefully crafted and integrated, reflecting the venerable tradition of Zen complemented by modern psychology, science and philosophy.

We aspire to embody care and compassion for all creation because it is ourselves. The way we practice, the way we teach and the way we work together is expressed in the Zen Garland Vows and our Eight Core Practices.

“Awakening manifests in compassionate service and action for oneself, others and all creation.”

~ Roshi Paul Genki Kahn

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Articles & Videos

Zen Garland Courses & Workshops

Beginning May 6

Dream Embodiment and the Awakened Way

Join Rev. John Mitsudo Mancuso in an exploration of dreams and how they are profound invitations to deepen our emotional growth, individuation and embodiment of the Awakened Way.

May 20-24

Zen Garland Order Spring Retreat – Developing an Intimate Relationship with the Natural World

Join the Zen Garland Order Community for a 5-day retreat nested in the natural beauty of Whitewater State Park.

Beginning June 11

The Zen Garland Order Vows & Zen Ethics as Koans

Roshi Genki guides your study of the Harada-Yasutani koan system which serves as the core of our training curriculum. The Zen Bodhisattva Precept Koans are taught last as the most profound, demanding, and essential Zen study possible.

Beginning August 7

Das Diamant Sutra

Kurs in sechs Unterrichtseinheiten a‘ 2 Stunden Diskussion und Lehrvorträge mit Sensei Okami. (Course in German only)

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I vow to seek what is needed responsibly,
To share generously,
To work well with what I have,
And to take only what is freely given.
… from the Zen Garland Vows, Vow 7

The Zen Garland Order operates in the black. Our only debt is a deep debt of gratitude to the members and friends who donate so generously to support us, and who fill our programs, classes and retreats.

Membership is the most direct way a practitioner can help sustain our order. But membership and fees for our programs only cover our operating costs. Money to provide scholarships, stipends for our full time staff and expansion all must come from Dana, the spiritual giving by our friends and members.

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