Zen Garland Centers

The Zen Garland Order has centers across the United States and in Germany.

Many of our classes and other events are available both at our centers and in your location via Zoom, an online video platform that allows participants to hear and see each other, and screenshare for presentations, discussions, and gatherings. Visit the Calendar and Upcoming Events sections of our website for more information on offerings and ways to participate.

Our Centers

Ancient Oaks Temple
KoOku-Ji, Georgia

Eternal Way Temple
Eido-Ji, Germany

Dharma River Temple
Hosen-Ji, Minnesota

“Have good trust in yourself.  Not in the One that you think you should be but the One that you are.”

~ Taizan Maezumi Roshi

Support Our Work

Dana - Generosity, the first of the six perfections of wisdom.

"I vow to seek what is needed responsibly,
To share generously,
To work well with what I have,
And to take only what is freely given."
… from the Zen Garland Vows, Vow 7

The Zen Garland Order operates in the black. Our only debt is a deep debt of gratitude to the members and friends who donate so generously to support us, and who fill our programs, classes and retreats.

Membership is the most direct way a practitioner can help sustain our order and local communities. But membership and fees for our programs only cover our operating costs. Money to provide scholarships, stipends for our full time staff and expansion all must come from Dana, the spiritual giving by our friends and members.