Zen Garland Courses & Workshops

Upcoming, On-going, and On-demand courses

The Zen Garland Order offers courses and workshops led by Zen Garland teachers, as well as workshops led by other thought leaders in our communities. Courses usually consist of multiple class sessions. Workshops are generally done in one or two sessions.

Upcoming Courses & Workshops

These courses and workshops are currently open for registration.

For Women

Zen Focusing Online Course for Women

Course Dates: January 17, 24, 31 February 7,21, 28 (online on zoom)
Time: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm, Central Time
Zen Focusing is a meditative way of awakening to, reintegrating and healing wounded and split-off parts of ourselves as well as experiencing our wholeness fully.

NEW! Beginning in January!

A Practitioner’s Pleasant Pilgrimage through Buddhist History, Philosophy & Practices

April 12-16

Zen Garland Order Spring Retreat – The Way of Practice as the Realization of Koan

Join the Zen Garland Order Community for a 5-day retreat nested in the natural beauty of Whitewater State Park.

January 14 - April 16

Zen Garland Order Spring Ango 2023 – The Way of Practice as the Realization of Koan

Join the Zen Garland Order Teacher's Team for an intensified period of individual and community practice.

On-Demand Courses

These courses are offered as recorded, on-demand courses. Registration is open.

On-demand Course

Blue Cliff Record (Hekiganroku)

The Hekigan-roku or Blue Cliff Record was composed by two of the greatest Zen ancestors, living in China 100 years apart. These “cases” bring us into the lives of these ancestors, showing their interactions with their communities and individual students.

On-demand Course

Introduction to The Zen Garland Way – The Ever Intimate of Zen Practice

Roshi Genki's 14-part video Grand Tour on the foundations to a peaceful, meaningful, ethical and magical entrance to the nondual multiverse.

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