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The Zen Garland approach to spiritual development

Ground your life and set your feet upon the path. Roshi Genki’s 14-part video Grand Tour on the foundations to a peaceful, meaningful, ethical and magical entrance to the nondual multiverse:

  • Zen Garland & the 7 Core Practices
  • What is Zen?
  • Breathing in Zen Meditation
  • Postures for Zen Meditation
  • The Practice of Presence
  • Forms of Zen Meditation
  • Zen Focusing for Psychological Integration
  • Embodiment
  • Zendo Etiquette & Working with a Zen Teacher
  • Zen Ethics & the Zen Garland Vows
  • Life of the Buddha
  • Foundational Principles of Early Buddhism
  • The Great Vehicle Vision & Zen Dynamics
  • The Path of Zen

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