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This on-demand course offers an introduction to some foundational practices to transform the field of horror into the field of benefaction.

Zen as a way of being means transforming ourselves, our lives, our being in the world into a “field of benefaction.” This is not about being nice, compliant, or passive. Zen bares the interactive, interdependent and co-creative networks that constitute life itself. The path of Zen includes awakening to our primal identity with and relationship to all being; and learning to navigate skillfully through these networks promoting awareness, care, cooperation, and harmony.

This 6-video course by Roshi Genki was originally scheduled with accompanying online discussion groups. It is now offered as an on-demand course that you can complete at your own pace.

Recordings of the discussion groups are included. As an enrolled student you will have access to Zen Garland teachers for any questions you might have.

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