A welcoming community hosting daily Zen mediation, classes, workshops, retreats, and spiritual guidance, different locations in the US and Germany

offering paths in spiritual development, spiritual activism for social justice, teaching Zen, and ordination tracks

assisting individuals and communities develop the skills and resources they need to help themselves

working together on purpose, values, practices, liturgy, standards and certifications for training and empowerments,residential programs


Zen Garland is founded on the wellspring of wisdom and compassion: we care for all creation because it is our Self.

Zen Garland is created to help fulfill our vows to awaken all creation, and on Roshi Genki's vows to educate and empower Dharma Successors who embody enlightenment and Zen Garland's mission.

Zen Garland is committed to developing social service projects and nurturing the spiritual transformation of individuals, families and communities. Zen Garland offers holistic spiritual development under the guidance of our Dharma Successors through a strong curriculum of residential and public practice delivered in daily meditation sessions, retreats, classes and workshops. The Zen Garland Way is based on six core practices: Zen meditation, study with Zen Garland Teachers, embodiment practices, Focusing for Emotional Intelligence, Ethics, and Service. In addition to our General Path for spiritual development, we offer four specialized Paths: Zen Buddhism, Christian Zen. Red Path (Native American) Zen and Aikido Zen.

Our training place is the world and daily life, not a refuge from it. Our approach is to practice with all aspects of our lives, including the complex dimensions of our emotions, sexuality, relationships and work.


Our welcoming community provides daily meditation, liturgy and retreats, and manages the Community Study Center & Seminary.

Zen Garland has a General Path that serves as a foundation for spiritual development uniting us all. This Path offers a holistic, phased approach to spiritual development in the following areas: Zen Meditation, Spiritual Guidance with Zen Garland Teachers, Ethics, and Social Service, Embodiment, Character Development, and study of Zen Buddhist and other spiritual sources and commentaries.

In addition we offer four advanced Practice Paths – Zen Buddhism, Christian Zen, Native American Zen and Aikido Zen. Each of these Paths offer unique Expressions for Spiritual Development, Teaching and Ordination.

Residential Program

Would you like to be part of our community and live and practice at the Sanctuary, while you pursue your career? Practitioners can come to live at Zen Garland for extended periods of practice. They can come as a full-time Residential Trainee, or take a job to earn income and practice with us as a Residential Member. We have work-study positions available beginning in January 2015.

Zen Garland maintains intensive study and practice throughout the year, seven days a week, with multiple daily Zen meditation periods, daily liturgy, and classes. Residential Trainees and Members have private, personal study with all our lineage-holding teachers and an intensive training schedule, which includes the elements of our holistic model of spiritual development.


For more information or registration, email the office or call 845-547-2004.