Liturgy, Vows & Ceremony

Priests in the Zen Garland Order vow to maintain and perform the liturgy and rituals that sustain our communities. This includes:

Daily Service

Honoring the Nature of Reality, the ancestors, offering Healing Energies, offering ourselves as Caretakers for the Sacred Elements – earth, water, air and fire (energy).


Self-Reflection with the ZGO Vows (Fusatsu), Marriage, Baby Namings, Cremation, Burial, Memorial.


Taking The Zen Garland Order Vows
Coming of Age
Head Trainee Graduation (Shuso Hossen) after a Training Period (Ango)
Novice Priest Ordination (Shukke Tokudo)
Full Priest Ordination (Denkai)
Assistant Teacher Empowerment (Hoshi)
Zen Teacher Dharma Succession (Denbo)
Bestowal of the title “Roshi” (Inka)

Healing Rituals

Memorial Service for Unborn Children (Mizuko Kuyo Service) A private ceremony for those who have lost a child in miscarriage or have terminated a pregnancy.

ZGO Liturgy Book (pdf — 47 pages)

ZGO Daily Service Book (pdf — 16 pages)