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Join Roshis Paul Genki Kahn, Monika Genmitsu Kahn, Paul Kisho Stern, and Dharma Holder Trish Kojindo Johnson to learn Zen Focusing, a Core Practice of The Zen Garland Order. Each week this unique 6-week experience will include a video lecture you can download and watch at your convenience, a 1 1/2 hour online class for questions and discussion, and in between classes a private Zen Focusing practice session with a skilled mentor.

Pre-requisite for the class: To follow this class comfortably, participants have to be willing to engage in a deeply personal process in a safe group environment.

You can choose the online class at your convenience on:
WEDNESDAYS: September 30 through November 4 from 7:00 -8:30pm CT (led by Kisho & Kojindo)
SATURDAYS: October 3 through November 7 from 8:00 – 9:30am MST (led by Genki & Genmitsu)

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Zen Focusing offers a psycho-spiritual practice of awakening to, reintegrating and healing wounded and split-off parts of ourselves that most spiritual disciplines do not address, but bypass! A quote from Roshi Dennis Genpo Merzel: “Don’t ask if you are stuck; ask where you are stuck!”

The practice of Zen Focusing allows us to be aware of and listen to various aspects of ourselves where the threads of painful memories, difficult emotions, distorted thinking, and problematic behavior patterns tangle and are stuck in a knot of bad habit patterns. These stuck tangles are often unknown to us but serve as destructive templates for the ways we relate to ourselves, others, and situations in our lives. These historical and deeply personal tangles require a special attention and practice that meditation, koans, and the study of sacred texts cannot alone undue and free. Such psychological blocks must be dealt with on the path of spiritual and human development.

Zen Focusing is not simple awareness of our mood or feelings; nor is it simple cognitive reflection on present past or future situations. This work accesses and draws upon information stored in the neurological and biological processes of the body not yet named or known cognitively. This somatic approach holds a Felt Sense open with interest and curiosity while suspending for a time naming, judging, and criticizing. This openness held in “not-knowing” allows the surprising emergence of memories, images, fantasies, unexpected associations to come into consciousness with fresh, rich information that helps unfold stuck places, bring them back to life with a forward movement toward integration and resolution.