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Roshi Paul Genki Kahn
Roshi Paul Genki Kahn

Roshi Paul Genki Kahn is Founder and Spiritual Director of ZEN GARLAND: A Community and Order for Zen Practice, Education & Service, in Airmont, New York, USA. Roshi Genki is a Master Zen Teacher, a Zen Buddhist Priest and a licensed psychotherapist who has developed quality mental helath programs in underserved areas for the past 25 years. Roshi Genki received Final Vows as a Priest from Roshi Dennis Genpo Merzel. He is a Dharma Successor of Roshi Bernie Glassman and received Inka from him. He also studied with Seung Sah Nim, a Korean Zen Master and Kyudo Nakagawa, a Successor of Soen Nakagawa. He maintains a private practice in psychotherapy in Franklin Lakes NJ.

Through Zen Garland, Roshi Genki is developing a holistic model for spiritual development. The foundation is the Zen Buddhist tradition of life-long practice that integrates meditation (zazen), inquiry (koan study), and character transformation through the discipline of applying wisdom and compassion (precepts/ vows) to daily life.

At Zen Garland what is holistic and new is the inclusion of individual and group psychological perspectives (Inner Relationship Focusing, Counsel Circles) body practices (embodiment) such as yoga and aikido, academic study of Buddhist texts and commentaries, social activism and socially engaged services, and an inter-faith inclusiveness. Roshi Genki is dedicated to advancing the education, skills and commitment to service of Zen practitioners, Teachers and Priests.

Roshi Genki began dedicated yoga and meditation practice in the 1960s. In 1970 he entered residential Zen training with Robert Aitken Roshi, living at Koko-an, in Oahu Hawaii. He transferred to the Zen Center of Los Angeles in 1972 to become a monk and priest under Taizan Maezumi Roshi. While at ZCLA he served as Maezumi Roshi’s personal attendant, was the Director of Training for several years, inaugurating their Residential Training Program, and served as Director of Center Publications.

In 1980 he came to New York with Roshi Bernie Tetsugen Glassman and Roshi John Daido Loori to establish the Zen Community of New York, which over time evolved into the Greyston Foundation.

Over the past 25 years, Genki has designed and administered public and private mental health programs for disadvantaged people in New York and New Jersey. He pioneered quality treatment for persons with co-occurring conditions of mental illness and drug and alcohol addictions. During the crack wars in the South Bronx in the early ’90s, he created the MICA Program at Fordham Tremont Community Mental Health Center, that today still treats over 100 people daily.

Roshi Genki founded his own center, High Mountain Crystal Lake Zen Community, in 2004 with Roshi Ann Ankai Wagner and Roshi Bill Jikai Greenbergto bring a full range of contemporary Zen training to the central North East. In 2009 he established Zen Garland as an International Order to promote contamporary Zen and Socially Engaged Buddhism.

Paul Genki Kahn, Larry Jissan Christensen, Maezumi Roshi, Ekyo Maezumi, Dennis Genpo Merzel in 1976