Let’s start at the very beginning.   An underlying concept is that the Grandmother is Sacred. Since She is sacred every part of Her is sacred including the trees, water, animals, fish, and human beings.  We are of Her and share in Her sacredness. We are One with all that.

The truth is that our Native American  tribal ancestors and Holy Men were not theologians.  They never trusted words to carry deep meanings of the heart.  They didn’t hold theological councils to define the nature of God or how many angels could dance on the head of a pen.  They simply said of the Creator that IT is the Great Mystery.  IT can not be encompassed by human minds. Zen teaches that whatever IT is, It is part of the potential of all existence which, for no better term, we call the Emptiness.

IT set into motion the Grandmother Earth and Grandfather Sun. Out of their cosmic orgasm came life and it still happens that way. Think of it.  It is the interaction of those two that brings life.  Once you have experienced a first glimpse of Enlightenment, you know that everything, spiritual and physical, comes from that union.

Wrap your mind around the idea that you are a sacred being.  Once you begin to see that, the implications are enormous.  As you and I are sacred, we are of the same essence as all that exists. Knowing this, our way of relating to each other and all the nations of the Grandmother will change from exploitation to respect.

Mitakuye Oyas’sin (All My Relations-We are One)

Grandfather Shoko Sings-Alone, Roshi

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