​We are evolving creatures caught in transition between worlds. Behind us in fragments is a universe of isolated entities where objectivity requires the sentient observer to absent herself from the world and separate mind from body, human from the natural world, self from other selves, present from past and future, space from objects. 

Before us, science, philosophy, psychology, and mystics declare, is a unified multiverse where an unbroken continuity of body-environment is interaffecting, inter-relating, co-creating, charged with precise meanings that dissolve the familiar constructs of internal/external and subjective/objective and  arrives at an understanding of embodied universals that include the many rich details of the respective particular instances. 

How do we enter this and Reclaim the World? The path is intimacy and presence to our very particular body-environment moment, a psychological flexibility and fluid boundaries that allow us infinite self-experiences and identities. Human being itself is interaction embedded in the world, and all life arises and flows throughout the interstices of creation. In the immersive sacred moment that has no beginning or end, we are bounded and unbounded, mutual in shared nature and unique, influenced and influencing, a node of consciousness and responsibility and an expression of the whole. 

Roshi Genki

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