Weekly Update From the Zen Garland Order

Thanks to bountiful human irresponsibility and arrogance, Arizona and other states are spawning Pandemic II. Many of us have succumbed to lethargy, sweets, comfort foods and fire water during quarantine. Even knowing better, we want to let go! We need to be hale and hearty in BodyMind and Spirit and stay the course. Please use your time to boost your health.

Eat simply and well: whole grains, raw salads, cooked veggies, tofu-tempe, seitan, and if you eat meat and fish, choose 6oz deep water fish, 6oz portions of well-bred, grass-fed, antibiotic-free meats.

Exercise: We have a treasure in Roshi Kisho who can share short Qi-gong and Tai Chi routines for healing and immune system building. He has a lifetime of practice in therapeutic and martial arts skills to share with you.

Zazen: at least 30 minutes a day, 365/year.

Learn: Clear Some Identity Conditioning so you can more freely shape shift as a field of benefaction. Take Langston Shodo Kahn’s workshop: Illuminating our Terror: Anti-Racism and Radical Accountability.

Sleep: 7 or 8 hours. If you wake too early and cannot easily sleep, get out of your head and into your belly, use abdominal breathing, stay with it, patiently. You’ll be getting 70% of the healing quality of deeper sleep. And sleep may come. Don’t reach. Invite. Allow.

Practice the 6 Super Powers: The Zen Garland Order Vows, Generosity, Patience, Effort, Concentration, Wise Will.


Our Centers

Desert Bone Hermitage
Bakkotsu-An, Arizona

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Eido-Ji, Germany

Dharma River Temple
Hosen-Ji, Minnesota

Hermitage without Walls
Mu Hei An

Red Path Zen Hermitage
Akado-An, Massachusetts

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