Flowing Heart Temple (Ryushin-Ji)

Palisaides, New York

Ryushin-ji, Flowing Heart Temple, is a Training Center of The Zen Garland Order located in Palisades, New York, under Spiritual Director, Rev. Cathleen Kanno Dowd, Sensei, and Dr. Dennis Doshin Tirch, Administrative Director and Dharma Holder.

How do we practice living from a place of wholeness, acting as who we are, and moving forward with the innate wisdom with which we are born?How we can we free our BodyMind from stereotypical and unhelpful ways of being? How can we engage all aspects of our lives to learn and practice compassion, wisdom and grace in every moment?

Zen offers us a way forward, if we are willing to quiet ourselves and open to learning.  We treat each practitioner as an individual, helping you develop a personal spiritual practice appropriate to your needs, the context of your life and talents and reflecting your aspirations. We provide a safe and nurturing environment in which to practice. We are part of the Engaged Buddhism movement, and encourage envisioning life as service in our own, personal and particular forms of engagement.

Sensei Cathleen Kanno Dowd and  Dharma Holder Dennis Doshin Tirch offer weekly Zazen practice (Zen forms of meditation), liturgy, Teisho (Dharma Talks), Koan study and private discussions on Zen practice. Dialogue with Kanno and Doshin are available online as well as in person. We hold retreats (Sesshin), classes and workshops. We teach Zen Focusing, a meditative process of emotional exploration to free stuck aspects of our being.

Our Core practices include: Private guidance with a formally empowered Zen teacher; Graduated forms of Zen meditation; Zen Focusing for emotional deepening; Embodiment practices; practice/realization with koan, sutra and commentaries.

Zen offers a way to practice radical sanity and embodied realization as we fully engage with the innumerable occurrences that make up our daily lives.  To deeply practice Zen is to simply live as who we are, uncovering and realizing our lives as an expression of our true, innate nature. This nature expresses itself as an ever-flowing heart, connected with all being, here and now, moving forward into this and every moment. Zen helps us to bring a flexible, compassionate and open HeartMind to our relationships and responsibilities in our work, family, community and our world. We discover that our lives moment by moment present the opportunities for development, meaning and fulfillment. How could it be otherwise?

Our ordinary life is the arena of transformation for everyone and everything.  Our practice slows us down into presence where we can thrive and become joyful.

When we live from a Zen perspective, there are no others, only us. With this view, we serve a new and better world, as a humanity of “us”.  At the end of one of our ceremonies, these words are spoken, “May your life go well”. The impermanence of life is a motivation to live in empathic union with the world, our very remarkable home.

We hope you come to share some time in our Zendo home, together. We will be happy to see you.

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Sunday February 16
9:00 am - 10:00 am Zazen – Zen Meditation
10:00 am - 10:30 am Dharma Talk
10:30 am - 10:50 am Community Sharing
Tuesday February 18
8:15 am - 9:45 am Zazen – Zen Meditation
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Flowing Heart Temple

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