Blessing and Healing Chant

Just as the soft rain fills the streams,
Pours into the rivers and joins the ocean,
May the power of every moment
of your being flow forth
In a healing current of awakening,
For those here now, those gone before
and those yet to come.

By your power in every moment
May you transform any obstacle
into wisdom and compassion.
May all dangers be averted and all disease gone.
Manifesting the great mystery within you,
through you and emanating everywhere,

May your heart’s wishes and your visions be fulfilled.
Shining as the bright full moon,
Visible or hidden, know your moon
never leaves the sky.

For you whose heart dwells in respect,
Who follows the Way,
I give you these blessings:
May your life prosper with
Beauty, Endurance, Faith and Great age,
May you always be really intimate with yourself.

For Kanno-Doko Joshin

At Tokudo on February 14th, 2015
Roshi Genmitsu Seiryo